Monday, July 18, 2011

Baby showers, company and photoshoots...oh My!

As I sit here typing, listening to the chatter of Cooper playing by himself in his room, and that background noise of the Toy Story Race Track set reminding me "You've got a play-date with destiny", every fiber of my being is screaming..."I am TIRED!"  Just shy of two weeks straight of company, I am ready to retreat again in my creative cocoon. 

In the past 2 weeks I have watched the end of the space shuttle era, celebrated with friends at my 20th reunion and stayed up all night chatting with an old friend who still yells "DOOODIE!" into the phone (do we ever outgrow 12 year old humor really?")
 when she calls.

But I also did some photoshoots, visited with Britany and her former USAFA Gymnastic teammate, hosted 2 lads from Ireland who came and visited with Jim and Dennis for 5 days and THEN ....just when you think it's time to's baby shower time!

But I LOVE the promise that new babies bring!  I LOVE to know new lives will continue to come into this world for us to love, to spoil with too many pink tu-tus and to join our crazy cast of characters.

(this photo is for my sister...can you believe this is Donnie?  In  my mind he will always be 10 ! ha!)

So I get just enough time to sleep, do laundry, re-group and get ready to visit my sister in the LAND OF PINA COLADAS!  

It's 7:30pm and I will in all likelihood be asleep by 9:00pm...if I make it that long. If you need me...expect your text or call returned by the end of the week...I think I will be hibernating for the next few days :) 

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