Sunday, July 24, 2011

Magical Days

It's been a busy summer.  In between company, work, home projects and an upcoming vacation, my days seem to roll one right in to the other. My "big boy" is growing so fast before my eyes, since May he not only has moved off the steps of safety in the pool, but now jumps and dives head first into the real deep end...swimming deep below the surface and swimming the length of the pool over and over again. 

His strength and stamina are amazing to me and last night during that beautiful magical time of day photographers call the "golden hour", as I watched the summer sun sink into the sky and my son jump again and again in the warm pool, I convinced myself I will see him at the Olympics one day.  We had just come home from a nice day with his daddy at Hollywood Studios seeing Woody and Buzz and the whole gang, yet complete exhaustion hadn't set in yet. We still had off to fall, head over heels over and over again, into the pool.  Of course we weren't happy until we hit that wall of exhaustion and fell into bed in a near state of sedation!  

And with that I kept thinking, THIS is summer.  THIS is what it's supposed to be.  Days that blend one into the other, days spent in play time, days full of make believe friends and characters that come life.  

Cooper told me this morning that Kermit the Frog's voice is really Ernie's voice and Fozzie Bear's voice is really Burt. "I can tell" he said.  Ok...Is this kid really just shy of 4 years old?!?! 

Well...enough pondering the wonders of these days with an almost 4 year old...someone has just stopped singing "Noah Noah" long enough to hand me a "color" to "color my treasure map because the treasure is under the X". 

So..I am off go bask in the glory of the magic...I don't think I need a map...I think I already found my treasure.

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