Monday, February 6, 2012

Sweet Sixteen weekend part 1

My beautiful niece Hope will turn 16 this month and I had so much the other weekend, doing photographs for her and letting the kids play before Cooper and I went to Julie's for Alexa's Baptism. I can't believe I met this sweet girl when she was barely 8 years old and she is turning into such an amazing girl.

Saturday night, Robin took us to John's Pass for pizza and mussels.  We had a great time walking the shops, eating and pigging out at Kilwin's on Ice-cream and caramel apples.

I took so many pictures I am still going back and editing and looking at was so much fun!  This upcoming weekend we will all go to Disney for Hope's birthday so we are looking forward to another fun weekend :)  In the meantime, I am working, cleaning my house out of junk I have been holding onto for too long and just plane relaxing when I can.


Myrtle's Mayhem said...

who gave it to you and how long have you had it...! xoxo

Anonymous said...

girl I said that like a thousand times!! purge purge and more purge on the way!

PS- It's me I have no idea why I am anonymous :) xoxo