Tuesday, March 4, 2008


As you know, my family has a love for all things Barry Manilow (Manilowians I think we are offically called). So when we discovered that my new wonderful house didn't have a pool bath for people to change in and out of their swim suites...the Coopercabana was born.

I LOVE to have a pool but I HATE to have people walk wet through my family room, past the office/eat in kichen area to the bathroom dripping on my hardwood floors to change their clothes. Mom and I got our heads together, and armed with too much HGTV and DIY knowledge, we were bound and determined to come up with something so we didn't change under our towels anymore. We have a privacy fence but I never think to notice our sliders are parrell to our front window and I am sure my neighbors across the street or those walking their dogs have looked through my house and caught me getting out of a wet suite. What a sight!

So....in order to keep my house open and free and not just put up blinds, we created a cabana in the corner of our very large porch so you can change. "The Cooper- cabana" my Mom proclaimed, and with that, I could hear the beat of the Barry Manilow song thumping..... "Music and passion were always in fashion!"
I got even so crafty as to decoupage a sign, used an old coat rack I had hidden in the back room to hold our clothes/wet suite and rolled up some towels to create the whole effect. Stick on magnets hold the curtains together on the front and on the sides so guest will feel more secure. The girls used it this weekend so I declare it a success.
HGTV, eat your heart out!


Myrtle's Mayhem said...

I wonder if Michelle's dad has walked by and unexpectedly got a peek at the Britts in all their glory!! You are so Rosie old school w/ your decoupaging! I think you got your crafty gene from me (your sister from another motha/fatha)...and to think you made fun of me and all my puffy paint projects!! Craft on sista!

robinbrittagain said...

what talent! very cute...

kimb817 said...

we are affectionately known as Mannilowni's or Fannilows! I love the Coopacabana! Can't wait to change my wet but in there-nice job!

Roses Are Red, Violets are Violet said...

OK, I kid you not. I appointed myself the President of the Barry manilow Fan Club in college. Hung a sign on my door and everything. Hee Hee (*note to all future college students: profession of a love for all things Manilow is NOT a ticket on the popularity train. LOL)

I did run over his trash can on accident at his home in Hollywood. I was turning around in his driveway and "boom." That's a sad, sad claim to fame, isn't it???