Thursday, October 9, 2008


This load of laudry was the easiest obligation I took care of this week. My Pop has been in the hospital since his nose bleeds won't stop and Rob and I have been on high alert and elderly full time care now for 2 weeks. The whole family is pitching in with Nana here to help care for Cooper while I work, Rob is off to the ER and the hospital now over 10 times in 2 weeks and the doctor and family phone calls in our house has our phone continually off the hook. this very moment, the house is quiet, the phone isn't ringing, the TV is off, the rain is pouring down and it's just me, Cooper and the laudry. I have an apple spice candle lit in my just cleaned house (thanks honey!) and I've had my pj's on since 5:30pm when I hung up with my last customer of the day.

Here's to at least one quiet evening!

PS- The other highlight of my day was a phone call from Jake (I know...who would have thought a call from Jake would make my day!) But he and Hope sounded great as they were off to go shopping in Orlando after some good follow up drs appointments in Tampa. Keep up the great work guys...I do love you both :)
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Anonymous said...

Sorry I've left you with all the responsibiilities. I can't tell you how guilty and torn I feel. I promise I will make this up to you. love mom

Myrtle's Mayhem said...

I don't believe for one second that you have only had your p.j.s on since 5:30 p.m.!! Esleep-ey girl!

:) mere

p.s. how sweet is grammie joann!

Life is beautiful... Mostly said...

Good God! Well, I hope Pop is on the mend and that you can get back to normal maybe just a little bit this weekend. Love to you all and enjoy that little basket of joy!