Monday, April 27, 2009


We are enjoying a week long visit with family from New Hampshire. The weather couldn't be better and we all are enjoying each other so much. Today was Sea World, tomorrow the beach and after that....we aren't sure... but we are looking forward to seeing Robin the the gang...even Aunt Betty from NC is down. Stay tuned to the blog....alot going on this week.
The kids (and Rob!) rode the Kraken...check out how scared Rob is!!! (Tyler, his girlfriend, Alicia and Rob all in the front row... I snapped this as they were whipping around.)


robinbrittagain said...

can't wait to join the party wednesday!! xoxo

nana said...

I am glad you all are having fun.

Life is beautiful... Mostly said...

I love the picture of Rob on the roller coaster but my favorite is Cooper with the dolphin! Great shot!! You got an A in Mr. O'Neal's photography class didn't you!!! Me, all I got was a hard time and sent to study hall. Maybe that is why I don't take a bunch of photos now because I have a phobia of photography. Thanks Mr. O'Neal!!!