Thursday, July 16, 2009


Tonight Grant and Kimmy came in to town...Pop's funeral service is tomorrow. My other family also arrives tonight but much later so I won't see them until tomorrow. The boys are ejoying playing's so great to have them the same age. I am cooking up a storm for tomorrow so I am still up and don't feel tired at all yet. I am sure it will hit me soon. The house smells of baked ziti, garlic, meatballs and sauce. Such comfort food for me.

I'll take lots of pics of the family together to post...Pop would have loved that :)

Oh...and just to publically put it out here on the blog...Kimmy is just preggo with baby #2! Due in March :)

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Myrtle's Mayhem said...

See you this afternoon. I don't like the circumstances, but I love to see you and all my extended family :)

p.s. This a.m. I told Brody we were going to see Ann-Marie and Cooper today and he let out a hardy "YEAH"!! he lurves you guys too!