Monday, August 9, 2010

First day of school!

Cooper had a great first day at school!
There were some kids crying when I went to drop him off so I "dropped and dashed" as you recommended. Cooper's report from the teacher was that he cried on and off for about 1/2 hour but that he stopped. Pretty good I think for a kid that has never really stayed with anyone other then Grammie.
His report is: " I go to school! I cried, other kids cried, I got happy, I played, I got in sand, I go back to school". was a success :) He hugged everyone goodbye so it seems he does love it like I had hoped! Let's see how Wednesday goes! Ha
Laurie.. I have NO IDEA how you do it everyday! That looked like controlled chaos to me this morning in that classroom!!! God Bless those teachers!

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Life is beautiful... Mostly said...

I totally lurve it!!! The kids who cry are the best! They truly are attached to their parents and feel loved. They are the ones that hope you will turn around and come back but when they realize you are truly gone then I get to enjoy all the love they have leftover! He will love his time at school and it is really like hurding cats! But fun!