Friday, August 27, 2010

School Days

I have discovered there is no greater joy then having your almost 3 year old tell you about God. To have him sing me "He's got the whole world in his hands" at night while we go to sleep and for him to tell me all about how he and his friends played "Alllllll day".

Today at school he ran into the classroom without saying goodbye to me at all....he didn't need me. That made me feel proud, but what made me feel prouder was how excited he was to see that Grammie and I were at the school's "Chapel Sing-a-long" today.

I remember the joy and safety I felt in school and I am so glad Cooper feels the same way! I am excited to see him grow and change almost daily now. There is so much I know he will learn by the end of this school year in May, it's incredible to watch his little mind grow and learn. Harvard we come! HA

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Life is beautiful... Mostly said...

Super cute and I am so proud of him too! I knew he would love preschool. Probably just as much as I love but I am sure for different reasons. You will be so amazed at how much he changes even by December. We Preschool teachers see the change when they come back in January... the babies left in Dec and big kids arrive in January! Sad but true!