Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Fun and Playdates

As I sit here blogging, Cooper is on a play-date here at the house with his best little girl friend from school, they are so quiet I can barely contain  my excitement over how nice it is to have a girl as over and how nice they play. Cooper has been over at her house the last few weeks as I had teacher work days and he had a blast all day over there. Cooper wanted the top down for the ride home from school...."this is the funnest car ever" they exclaimed.  Made me a little sad now that I want to trade it in, but rear wheel drive on this mountain and this area isn't going to cut it this winter! 

Yesterday was full of parties!  Cooper had a blast at his school class party with all of his friends and then we had a fun night at home before we went out trick or treating.

I was so impressed by the neighborhood!  So many houses decorated and people answered the door in costume!  No wonder people drive into this neighborhood to trick or treat :)

 (Wine in a red solo cup while we trick or treat!)

We had such a great day, I was even too busy to take out my real glad the iPhone camera can step in in a pinch :)

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