Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Not such a Happy Birthday after all

So yesterday was not the best of days. As I mentioned, Cooper woke up throwing up on me and the day just got worse from there. His Dr wasn't able to see him so he were stuck having to go to the ER since he was having trouble breathing. He needed a breathing treatment and I didn't have a nebulizer at home ( I do now though!). So...off Cooper and Grammie and I went for a LONG day yesterday. If you have used any of the steroids or nebulizer on your kids, you know it makes them CRAZY...once given treatment, Cooper was bouncing off the walls!

The highlight of course was Cooper's gown they gave him to wear, his charm which he used on everyone in the hospital and of course the prescription I needed for the nebulizer and the meds for his upper respiratory infection.

The hard part of the day was being in a hospital. It was not the one that Hope passed away in but the one where my dad did and with Hope's passing just 2 months ago...I felt like I had post traumatic stress. Every beep and common noise of the hospital set me off emotionally.When they made me ride with Cooper in a wheelchair to get Xrays (they were thinking pneumonia) all I could see was Hope in the chair and me pushing her ....I begged them not to make me ride in it but "hospital policy" almost caused me to fall into sobs right there in the ER. I pulled it together but I was not really happy. I used every mindful activity I could so that moment and the image of her would pass. It eventually worked.

Grammie was not surprised that I whipped out the cell phone video/camera to entertain ourselves while waiting....so of course I have to share :)

Even though the actual birthday sucked, I do have plans this weekend. Friday I have plans with Jake and the boys, the Griffens and Jennifer Price to have a bday dinner with us so I think I will declare Friday my bday do-over!

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