Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hershal the happy ballon giving bagger...and other random thoughts.

Cooper has a new friend. He is an old friend who used to be "Hershal the unhappy bagger" but he has changed his tune. He now loves to bag our groceries at Publix, he rushes to say hi to Cooper by name and he always gives a balloon. Turing over a new leaf Hershal? Thought some of my readers may want to know :) You know...since one of you loosely call this man "Dad".

We have been laying low lately...enjoying quiet time at the end of work days and trying to rest and "take care of ourselves". I never know what that means "take care of yourself" when people say it to me so I have taken some time lately to figure out what that means for me.

So far I have decided for me it means:

1)eating icecream when I want to and not caring about the calories

2) not checking the calendar for the date to see if it corresponds to a date someone I love died and then counting how long it's been.

3) not lying to myself about sometimes doing #2 and just acknowledging the loss (2 years that my dad has been gone on the 18th of this month...just incase you too are counting)

4) going to bed when I am tired even if it is 8pm

5) watching bad reality TV just because I love it and not making excuses for it

6) laughing when I want, crying when I want and not caring about what others think or expect me to do. (this is HUGE for someone like me who is usually fake just to make others comfortable around me)

So folks...personal progress for me and Hershal the bagger? Not sure..but we are changing...and I think it's pretty cool.


Life is beautiful... Mostly said...

All your changes sound fantastic! And my dad, well one never knows. I am just happy he has turned over a new leaf!!!! Maybe we can go to Publix again and make him nervous!!!!

J said...

Good for you!