Sunday, August 9, 2009

Oh Vey!

Before 7:30am I already have:

- pulled Cooper off of the "new to us" Disney table Grammie brought over yesterday. He was stuck in the little block holder part in the center of the table.

- put him in 3 time outs for him hitting and trying to bite me while I pulled him off the table

-fished Mr Potato Head parts out of the garbage ..fished Cooper out of the garbage.

- attempted to get him a sippy of milk and came back to find him IN the dresser drawers.

It's going to be a fun day...I can just tell.


Life is beautiful... Mostly said...

Aren't boys great!!!! Have a nice day chasing him around...He,he, he!!!

robinbrittagain said...

fun times !

J said...

Good times!!!! Feel your pain! :)

bill24935 said...

hey ann-marie and rob this is jen from dbt jessica just turned 2 and yeah i have the same problem except with her it is the screaming in the house.