Sunday, August 23, 2009

Odds and Ends

So far this weekend I have:
1) cleaned out the laundry room and starting gathering stuff for a garage sale
2) almost finished (with Mom's help) turning someone's garbage into my new console table! (more on that on another post)
3) discovered someone came into our garage and stole our toolbox and most importantly my cool backpack diaper bag! (take the diapers dude...leave me the Ju Ju Be insolated backpack!!)
4) talked a length to a long lost friend who has been stalking me on the blog without me knowing it! I love you WOOOOMAIN....hang in there!
5) Gotten Cooper a short summer hair cut.
Oh yeah... and swam, and cleaned and watched License to Wed with Robin Williams. It was a cute movie if you never saw it...Rob laughed so hard he pulled a "Harry Bader" with the laughing so hard he couldn't breathe routine.


Life is beautiful... Mostly said...

Sorry about the criminal activity... makes you feel so violated. But on a lighter note... love Cooper's new do. It is cute. He has lot's of hair to work with. That is a fantastic thing for a boy. He will so appreciate his head of hair when he is older!

Tracy said...

This time I figured I'd leave my mark!! So nice to talk to you. True friends can always just pick up where we last left off. Honestly though, I haven't stalked your blog since Cooper had his first swimming lesson. Love you wooomain! I'll call you this week. :)