Friday, October 23, 2009

Be still my beating heart

Some days are just so perfect you can't believe you are so lucky. The small things in life that just line up so perfectly that only you and God know they are little blessings.

Today at work I painted pumpkins at an assisted living facility with the great is that for a day at work? We painted and chatted about kids, grandkids and their lives, loves and losses. I chatted and painted too. I got a kiss and hug as I left my new "friends". It makes me laugh at the stressful jobs I have in my past where I thought corporate decisions were so important and quotas and numbers ruled my day.

I came home to take a bike ride with Rob and Cooper and only have Cooper insist on taking Teddy (my beloved childhood stuffed bear) on the bike ride. So...I strapped Teddy in and off we went.

On our way out the driveway I was greated by my kindergarten teacher Sister Cyril who was having dinner with our neighbor and then greated by our Priest (also same house dinner guest). They had nothing but love and kindness to say about my little family as we headed out on our bikes.

We rode the neighborhood, chatted about our day as the cool breeze blew past us. Cooper strapped in, Teddy strapped in and the hot Florida sun lowering in the sky.

Some days are just easy...I guess it makes up for those days when life seems so complicated.


J said...

Sweet entry. Love it.

Life is beautiful... Mostly said...

Love it!!! Sounds wonderful!