Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yesterday's Birthdays

Last night Cooper and I went over to Jake's to celebrate Nathan's 8th bday. (Rob got the night off since he's been with Cooper 24/7 while Mom's gone and I am out at work). The kids had a blast even though Nathan had a bit of a fever. He had celebrated over the weekend with friends but last night on his actual birthday we finished off the cake and he opened presents with family and neighbors and he got a bike from Jake. He seems so big at 8 years just hit me how much "older" he all of a sudden looked to me last night.
Rochelle wrote Nathan the sweetest card with a letter about the day he was born and how Hope went into labor right after being at Rochelle's baby shower for Samantha...after Hope ate a huge amount of chocolate. Nathan loves that story and it wasn't the first time that night I had to secretly wipe away tears.
Yesterday also was my lovely Auntie D's birthday...Happy Birthday!! xoxoxox
It would have also been my dad's birthday. It wasn't an easy day but it wasn't terrible either....I just really missed those I have lost. Some days are harder then others... and then some days just hit you out of the blue. At least I was prepared for yesterday...I just couldn't help just miss them both so terribly.


Life is beautiful... Mostly said...

It was my mom's birthday on the 30th too. I always think of your dad on that day.

J said...

Nathan's birthday (and Reese's upcoming bday) have done something to me. Froze me up or something. It is hard to think about and take it all in, you know. I didn't know your dad's bday was also Nathan's bday.
Thinking of y'all.