Thursday, October 15, 2009

Recent Videos and baby news!

Enjoy some videos I found on my phone tonight from the past few months :)

No baby news from us...tricked ya! But my sister Kimmy is expecting another boy in March :)

We are so excited!


J said...

You stinker.

Life is beautiful... Mostly said...

Cooper has some great fine motor skills. Look out he is a future safe cracker!!! He holds a crayon better than most the kids in my classes this year! That is fantastic being only 2!!!!! I am sad to say a lot of children are not exposed to crayons, fingerpaint and glue until the reach my classroom. they don't have or use this at home due to the fact that it is messy and they are afraid to fingerpaint or get messy once they enter preschool. It is kind of frightening to me. they don't even have play doh a lot of the time. All these things help with small motor development. Let Cooper enjoy these things it will help him in the future... I wish everyone would stop worrying about the mess and let kids be kids!!! :)