Thursday, August 2, 2012

Crazy Colorado Days

The other day, these dark clouds rolled in.  I was out in town when the rain started and a road I had previously taken on my way out...was a river on my way back.  I didn't know that's what "flash flood' meant.  With the fire damage to the mountainside, strong storms with a lot of rain can mean danger for flash flood.  

Just when I was getting over that, we pulled into the driveway to find hail had fallen.  Cooper was running out of the car yelling "It's like snow, it's AMAZING, so cold!" 

After the hail melted and they were finished playing in that.... you guessed it....the kids got into the mud.

The next day, I saw a big wild black bear in this very back yard. I will post the video of Cooper explaining it all as soon as I can get blogger to recognize the video :)

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