Monday, August 20, 2012


I am sick.  Yes, I am just owning it outright.  I am SICK like "I ain't neva been sick before" (that's for you Mere). I am on my second antibiotic, I haven't been able to hear out of my left ear in a week now, the sinus infection has my head full and the residual has me coughing like I have TB.  It AIN'T PRETTY!  I have so much in my system, it's amazing I haven't thrown up on a daily bases (Lord PLEASE don't take that as an OK to add that in too!).  I am on day 4 of new antibiotic (old one didn't touch it) and day 3 of Afrin, crack in a nasal spray and I can't take anymore after today due to it's crack-like qualities.  To tell you I am already having the DTs just thinking about not taking it is an understatement, at this point, it's the only way I am actually breathing.  The aches, fever and sweating/chills have ended so at least I "feel good" as I have been saying. If you have talked to me, you know I sound like hell but since my body can walk upright without pain and I can pretend (if you don't hear me coughing) that I am not sick, at least you don't know.  Cooper said to me tonight "Mom, it's so sad you are still sick, this is too long".  Even HE sees it's been too long now that we are going on week 2. The not hearing thing is what's really got me irritable, I have become my own pet peeve "what?" "huh?". URGH

In other news, Cooper still loves school. I forced myself out on Sat on what was the 5 year anniversary of my father's passing (NOT that I like to count this sort of thing!) to go to Yoga in the park and brunch and some shopping. Sunday, to mark the official end of summer, Mike wanted to take us all to Waterworld so how could the girl with potential pleurisy/TB and the black Plague stop the kids from having fun?  I dragged along sounding like death the entire day.  Fun times!

Friday I took Cooper to Chuck E Cheese for the first time ever. I have gotten by without going now all this time, so as a "great job for loving your new school/new life" we went and he had a blast. I couldn't hear a damn thing so it was a win/win!  I am hoping for the next few days to really feel better, if this new antibiotic actually works I think I should. As for the ringing/clogged will hear me all the way to Florida yelling "Alleluia" as soon as that thing pops open! 

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mere said...

Afrin ... the good old days!! Feel better like you ain't never felt better before real soon! xoxo