Wednesday, August 22, 2012

School days

Cooper has had an awesome few days of school.  He came home yesterday with "Fluffy" the class bear, he was the first student to be chosen to take the bear home.  He was awarded this prize because he was the quietest and listened the best.  He was so proud.

 Fluffy comes with homework and Cooper had to draw a picture of something he did with Fluffy and then write in a notebook a sentence or two about what they did together.
"What is a sentence?" was his first question.  The instructions said to let them spell out words on their own. I spelled things out for him and he wrote them down....that's about where we are with our writing. He did great and only messed up a few letters.

Cooper and Fluffy snuggled, We brushed teeth.

Today was the first day of school for Erin and Brad so Cooper and I had the afternoon to ourselves which was so nice!  We played with modeling clay and he even wanted to frame his name.  I thought we were having a great time spending time together all afternoon, but when Erin and Brad came through the door after school he flew up the stairs and nearly knocked Erin over hugging her.  "Now I can play!" he said...what were we doing all afternoon??? Oh well.

In other news, my ears popped yesterday and I believe I am on the mend. My voice is still bad but things are clearing up FINALLY! :)

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